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Renee's Hate list

First off, more than anything, I hate people that won't try new things.
I hate people that look at a plate of food they've never heard of, and turn their noses up.
I hate people who think that if they've never heard of it, it can't be good.
I hate what people are calling "emo" these days.
I hate 4chan.
I hate bland, deep fried, uninspiried, good ol' all american comfort food.
I hate when people buy nice barbeque pits or grills, and then cook nothing but burgers and hot dogs.
I hate that people think Dane Cook is funny.
I hate the catchy little phrases characters spew in action movies before they kick/blow up/shoot someone.
I hate how much bigger and harder to get around Florida is than Long Island.
I hate how hot it stays here throughout the day, and throughout the year.
I hate that fall doesn't feel like fall anymore.
I hate when people say, "fuggehdaboudit" when I tell them I'm from New York.
I hate that Kelsey Grammer is going to be on a (ugh) Fox sitcom with (ugh!) Patricia Heaton.  Come on, Kelsey!
I hate the giant spiders that hang out on my bathroom ceiling.
I hate that my pantry is filled with Walmart jell-o and Ramen noodles.
I hate that people look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them I'm not into gaming or anime.
I hate baseball.
I hate Wiccans with long purple robes, too much eyeshadow, and a penchant for fluffy, faux-celtic aliases.
I hate when people ask if I'm Wiccan when I tell them I'm Pagan.  Thank you very much, Gerald Gardner.
I hate, "do you have any more pics?"
I hate concord grapes.
I hate water spinach.
I hate Nickelback, and its freakishly ugly lead singer.
I hate how every hair stylist, even if they give a good cut, has to go nuts with the hairspray, and the old lady biff-styling.
I hate how ugly most of Wal-mart's clothes are.
I hate bra barm.
I hate candid photos of me.
I hate Elvis.
I hate that I have mixed feelings about Beth Ditto, even though I love The Gossip.
I hate that Anthony Bourdain is married, and not to me.
I hate movies with talking animals.
I hate how men all of a sudden are hankering for "natural" girls with long hair and no makeup.  fuck that noise.
I hate that pets eventually die.
I hate when you're given the desire to do something, but not the capacity.

Amen, Salieri.

- Renee

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